Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Between Two Worlds - New Album from Elikeh

“I always describe Elikeh’s music as like taking Fela Kuti and mixing him with Bob Marley. Put in a pot and stir for three minutes and add some Osibisa and Togolese traditional music to it and let it all boil for two more minutes.  Then you add a sprinkle of rock and you have Elikeh.”  I couldn't have put it better myself.  Massama Dogo described his music as perfectly as only the creator of the unique collage of sounds and rhythms that is Elikeh could.  

The leader of the D.C. based Afro-funk outfit, hailing from Togo West Africa, puts Togo on the map in an afrobeat community dominated by musicians from Nigeria and Ghana.  Take one listen to Between Two Worlds, their new album out tomorrow on Azalea City Records, and you'll hear how Elikeh distinguishes itself from the pack in a very real way.

Afrobeat is a mixture of different styles.  Funk, jazz, Latin and traditional African rhythms, all play into the mix.  Elikeh picks up where Fela left off, adds in a little reggae, and good chunk of rock.  They also incorporate the sounds and language of Massama Dogo's native Toga.  The result is a uniquely original brand of funky African music that makes a political statement while also making people dance. 

If you're in or around the D.C. area, check out Elikeh for yourself at The Black Cat tomorrow night for their album release party.  If you can't make it tomorrow night, definitely cop the album before your next dance party.

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