Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jungle Fire is back at it Again

Jungle Fire is back at it igniting the afrobeat flames on the west coast.  Their new 45 Firewalker b/w Chalupa are two afro-grooves sure to set any dance floor ablaze.  Dig it.

Delicious Peace

Every once in a while a project comes around that I just have to publicize.  Delicious Peace is exactly that kind of project.  The songs in this collection are written and performed by the coffee farmers of the Peace Kawomera (Delicious Peace) Fair Trade cooperative in Mbale, Uganda. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim farmers work together to overcome generations of conflict and poverty. Village guitar groups and women’s choirs sing to stress the transformative impact of Fair Trade prices and to encourage their neighbors to join the coffee cooperative. Accompanied with xylophone, drums, and other traditional instruments, these farmers sing of the benefits of interfaith cooperation and, through music, teach new cooperative members how to produce great coffee. J. J. Keki, the founder of the cooperative, says: “Use whatever you have to create peace! If you have music, use your music to create peace. For us, we have coffee. We are using coffee to bring peace to the world.”