Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What are you doing for the end of the world?

Got plans for the end of the world?  How about Friday night?  If you live in either New York or Boston and are into afrobeat, I've got two great options for you to spend what may be your last moments on God's green Earth.

If you're in or around Boston, check out Federator No. 1, Endangered Speeches, and Kina Zoré at The Church of Boston.  All three bands bring the afro-noise in a big way.  What better way to usher in the beginning of the next cycle than to shake that ass to some afroheavy grooves.  Dig the details.

If you're in or around New York definitely check out Armagedd-It-On featuring Rubblebucket Orchestra, Super Hi-Fi and the SLF DJ Crew.  If you've been to a SLF extravaganza before, then you know they know how to get down.  Don't waste a chance to catch this collection of amazing music.  You may never have another opportunity.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Super Hi-Fi: Dub to the Bone

Do you love the trombone?  How about nasty bass-lines that vibrate the ground underneath your feet, shaking your insides to a reggae rhythm?  If your answer is yes, Super Hi-Fi has a major dose of what you love waiting with their debut EP Dub to the Bone, out today on Electric Cowbell Records.  Super Hi-Fi is the brainchild of Ezra Gale and the inner-workings of his Afro-Dub mind.  Ezra has been a friend of mine for several years now.  I first saw him perform with Aphrodesia, the bay-area afrobeat ensemble that introduced me to the experience of live afrobeat, back in 2005.  

Ezra moved across the country to New York around 2009 where he started to put together the lineup for Super Hi-Fi.  The band has evolved into a known entity around New York where their brand of dub is in demand.  Dub to the Bone is the culmination of their early efforts, 8 tracks of thick, heavy, sub-woofer empowering dub.  I'll be checking them out this Friday night at Toad in Cambridge, MA.  They're sharing the bill with Rubble Bucket Orchestra on December 20th for Armagedd-It-On at The Lab in Brooklyn, NY.