Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Video from Superhuman Happiness

This video really needs no introduction, but for the sake of shout-outs, this amazing video is for Superhuman Happiness' amazingly beautiful song, See Me On My Way.  SHH is a project led by Stuart Bogie, one of the coolest cats I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Enjoy.

Stop the Crisis in the Congo

Femi Kuti posted this video on his fb page.  20 minutes later, I'm absolutely ashamed of the human race that we're capable of doing this to each other, and then standing by letting it happen again and again.  We're better than this.  We should only let the shame and sadness sit in long enough for us to do something to change it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Track from The Sway Machinery

The Sway Machinery, one of the most inventive bands on the planet, have made a track from their new EP, Monsters of the Ancient World, available for download in advance of the full EP release.  Dig it.

New Afrobeat 45 from The Polyrhythmics

It doesn't get much funkier than this.  The Polyrhythmics' new afrobeat 45 available via pre-order from Kept Records is about as diabolically funky as they come.  A-Side, Bobo is an upbeat jump-up jam while B-Side Moon Cabbage is a more mellowed out smooth groove.  Both cuts will set any dance floor on fire.  Preview the track below.  Pre-order the 45 here.

The Battle of Santiago Takes Afrobeat in a New Direction

The Battle of Santiago is an instrumental ensemble out of Toronto, Canada that combines elements of a variety of afrocentric influences to create a uniquely original sound that is at the same time progressive and traditional.  Group founder, Michael Owen, describes the different backgrounds and viewpoints represented in the group as a "push and pull."  Listening to their new album, Followed By Thousands, out March 5th on Made With Pencil Crayons Records, I couldn't agree with that characterization any more.  Preview and download a track from the new album, cop the full album when it drops, and to all those in and around Toronto, go see these guys live when you have the chance.  The dynamic energy on their recorded stuff has got to translate to their live show.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Afrobeat Remix from Grant Phabao

Grant Phabao of Paris DJ's just got his hands on L.A. Afrobeat collective Jungle Fire's cut Tokuta.  The end result is absolute fire, as is always the case when Grant Phabao works his magic.  Dig the track below and cop it for one Euro.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Video from Bantu - OYA OYA

Bantu - "OYA OYA" (Official Video) from bantucrew on Vimeo.

This new video from Bantu for his new song OYA OYA is absolute fire.  He teamed up with Nigerian filmmaker Siji and took over the marketplace in Bariga, Lagos capturing the spontaneous, infectious energy that urban Lagos, Nigeria has to offer.  Dig it.

Friday, February 1, 2013

EMEFE Brings their Afrobeat Sound to Breakthru Radio Studios

My afrobeat brothers EMEFE recorded a live version of the title track of their latest album, Good Future, in the BreakthruRadio Studios.  These guys are some of the most talented young cats playing afrobeat music today.  Get a taste of their sound here and then check out their album as soon as humanly possible.