Sunday, August 7, 2011

Album Review: Janxta Funk! - The Pimps of Joytime

There are some who believe the golden era of funk music has come and gone. Bands and artists like P-Funk, Prince, James Brown, and Rick James either have their best days behind them or have passed on. Then comes along a band like The Pimps of Joytime, proving funk is still very much alive and well as evidenced on their album Janxta Funk!, out June 21, 2011 on Wonderwheel Recordings.

01 Janxta Funk! by The Pimps Of Joytime

Janxta Funk! takes contemporary funk music to new levels. Incorporating elements of hip-hop, Latin, blues, and New Orleans style musics, The Pimps of Joytime definitely have a unique take on the world and their own funky attitude. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, it's apparent they're influenced by the variety of cultures and styles present in the Brooklyn scene. Right from the first track, Take the L Train, The Pimps bring the funk with a Brooklyn attitude.

What I love the most about this album is how The Pimps pay homage to classic voices and artists while still maintaining a contemporary original identity. One can definitely hear a lot of Prince in lead singer Brian J's voice, as well as a lot of JB's in the horn lines throughout. Several funk luminaries guest including Roy Ayers and The Neville Brothers. While the funk legends all make their presence felt, The Pimps have a way of sampling the best of all them to create their own sound.

Janxta Funk! is available on Itunes or via The Pimps will be touring all over the US during August and September, so def look out for them as they come to a town near you. These guys know how to throw it down, so whether you just download the album or see them live, prepare yourself to get funked up.


mobilevirgin said...

Great heads up - cheers for that

Adam said...

Oh yeah, if you haven't heard the Pimps of Joytime you are missing out. They are the best thing to hit funk in awhile. Amazing musicians, they will funk you up. They just rocked out Floydfest. Can't get enough.

LilSkittlez said...

OH YEAH PIMPS ARE THE JANKIEST FUNK OUT THERE! Seen em multiple times in there hometown BROOKLYN and they always bring that dirty funk and rock the joint, seen em in CT as well! Always a blast! Cant wait to see em again in CT TONIGHT!!! THAT Str8 ALL THE WAY LIVE!!!!!

Mads "Matt" Engelund said...

Oh this track rocks it has a really nice feeling and its funky as hell! I had never heard about these guys before. But that might just be because I am not from America. I've just started my own blog on music and I would really appreciate if you checked it out