Thursday, August 25, 2011

Album Review: From The Rooftops - The Funk Ark

I've often said, funk is the universal language. The Funk Ark, an 8-piece afro-funk band out of Washington D.C. who released their debut LP From The Rooftops August 16, 2011 on ESL Records, definitely subscribe to that philosophy. Blending elements of 1970's Latin, African, and American funk music, The Funk Ark truly does embrace the ark of what funk is all about.

This album has a gritty, rhythmic vibe that gets inside of you and makes you want to move, or at least strut with a bad-ass look on your face. Due in part to the fact the majority of the album is instrumental, the interlocking guitars, keys and bass take on the identity of The Funk Ark's sound. Like a dirty funky Afrika 70 hook, Meters' Jam, or Juan Pablo Torres ostinato, their polyrhythmic, patchwork textured sound has an infectious effect on your midsection. It's that indescribable funky thang all good funk music has in common that's all over this record.

I'll be on the 1's and 2's when The Funk Ark throws down at Southpaw in Park Slope, Brooklyn (one of my favorite music venues on the planet) on September 10th along with heavyweights of the BK afro-scene, Zongo Junction and upstate afro-representatives The Big Mean Sound Machine. If you're in and/or around New York, definitely come get your doctor prescribed dose of funk as it will be doled out in extra strength portions all night.

The Funk Ark - Diaspora by afrobeatblog

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