Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Afrocentric NY Shows This Weekend

Zozo Afrobeat Ensemble is throwin down tonight at Zebulon in Williamsburg along with To Nokwe all the way from South Africa. Zozo is a draw by themselves--their afro grooves will send tremors through any dance floor. Having To Nokwe on hand is all the more special of a treat. She's been singing, educating, acting, and writing in her native S. Africa for decades and has garnered praise from abroad several times over.

Tomorrow afternoon, a crazy nasty lineup will be hitting the stage in the Prospect Park Bandshell. Konono No. 1 will be headlining along with Chiwoniso, Omar Pene & Super Diamono, and Meta & the Cornerstones. Summertime is when African musicians go on world tours and beautiful happenings like these take place. Take full advantage of the opportunity because it only comes once or twice a year.

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