Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Album Review: The Budos Band III-The Budos Band

The Budos Band III, the third full-length album from Staten Island's funkiest collective, out August 10th on Daptone Records, wastes no time kickin out some seriously funky grooves. The multi-layered percussion, the funky guitars, the organ and horn-lines straight out of a B-Horror Movie, they're all back in full Budos form. They're currently touring across N. America in support of the new record.

While Budos I and II both were seriously funky, tightly arranged albums, Budos III has a different attitude. It's almost as if they've proven they can bring the funk, now they want to do something a little different. The first two tracks on the album, Rite of The Ancients and Black Venom, set the tone for the entire record. They both have a dark, creepy vibe. Black Venom especially could serve as a soundtrack to a "being chased" nightmare sequence. Other songs on the album are slower, deeper tracks like The River Serpentine and Nature's Wrath.

The Budos Band has always had a distinctive attitude. This album doesn't necessarily forge a new identity for the group, but it does reinforce and accentuate what was already there. Any record cut in Bushwick, Brooklyn at Daptone Records will have a certain old-school, earthy sound, and Budos Records are no exception. As Gabe Roth often says, however, it's not the recording techniques, it's the musicians.

Black Venom by afrobeatblog

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