Sunday, July 17, 2011

Album Review: Labrador - The Polyrhythmics

The Polyrhythmics are an 8-piece afrofunk band from Seattle, Washington. Labrador, their latest album independently released June 1st, 2011, is a downright funky collection of songs that embrace the phenomenon of the polyrhythm whole-heartedly. Similar to other instrumental afrofunk bands like The Budos Band, Ikebe Shakedown or The Superpowers, their fierce, yet smooth horn section assumes the identity of their sound although their rhythm section lays down a seriously funky back drop over which the horns do their thing.

This album is about as funky as anything you're likely to hear. The Polyrhythmics definitely put Seattle on the afrobeat map. They're hoping to make an east coast swing in the fall, but until then you can catch them up and down the west coast. If you're out that way, definitely check them out. While I haven't seen them live myself, a band with this kind of attitude and style always can put on a good show.

The Polyrhythmics - Moonroof by afrobeatblog

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BloomSide said...

Im fact, you can check them out on YouTube! With some tasty live pro-Audio and HD video tracks from the road!