Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lagos Disco Inferno

If you've ever wanted to transport yourself to late 1970's Lagos, Nigeria, now you have the chance. Lagos Disco Inferno, the compilation of Nigerian disco, funk, and rock compiled by Frank Gossner, aka DJ Soulpusher, is an insanely danceable collection of songs capable of triggering an uncontrollable dance party at any moment. Featuring heavy-hitters from the late 70's Lagos music scene like Geraldo Pino, Asiko Rock Group, and BLO, this is music you don't hear everyday.

Frank Gossner is a legendary crate digger. He's made a name for himself with his blog, Voodoo Funk, where he documents his record collecting trips to West Africa. Anyone who's heard him spin can vouch for his ridiculously deep collection of obscure African gems. He collaborated with Daptone Records in 2009 to re-issue Pax Nicholas' forgotten Afrika 70 gem. Lagos Disco Inferno is his second re-issue project, and I believe he has more planned.

While not every track on the album is disco, every song will make you dance. The first time I heard this album, I immediately tracked it down on vinyl, and spun it at my next dj gig. This album is most definitely best administered in like-minded company and with generous doses of cold, alcoholic beverages.


rd said...

If this wasn't an "African" release I doubt it would get much play. Sure it's a little cute, a lot funky, and etc., but there's nothing particularly surprising and little beyond the accented English singing to suggest this isn't lesser disco from, say, Philadelphia 1976-82. I was disappointed.

Unknown said...

I have to respectfully disagree with you. The live instrumentation, particularly the drums, is a defining characteristic of the African style. Plus, I don't understand why you put African in quotes. This music is no less African that Fela Kuti or Youssou N'Dour. There is very little African music produced in the last 40 years for commercial distribution that isn't heavily influenced by American and/or European influences. Several tracks, especially Everybody Get Down by Asiko Rock Group, sound nothing like American disco.

Unknown said...

I agree completely with Marc. To say that this is just Philly disco with an accent is a vast oversimplification, and in the case of several tracks just plain wrong. I thought this was a fantastic album.