Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zozo Afrobeat Speaks out Against Mugabe

Zozo Afrobeat, a NY afrobeat ensemble led by Egypt 80 vet and Akoya frontman Kaleta, have released a new video calling out Robert Mugabe for his crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe. Zozo will be throwin down this Friday night at Zebulon in Williamsburg. Having seen Zozo several times, I can vouch for their ability to make people dance. Check the video:

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Matty D said...

Wow, intense video. Mugabe is a nasty nasty man whose type of greed and lies should not b forgotten, still in power after 30 years, unfortunately....
So in putting out the vibrations for healing and justice, will b at zebulon for sure! Always a lively and dancing crowd there, love that place: )