Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chico Mann, Planet Rump, The Superpowers, and DJ Dhundee @ Southpaw-7/23

Chico Mann, Planet Rump, The Superpowers, and DJ Dhundee are all descending on Southpaw July 23rd at 8pm to unleash an electronic explosion of funk and energy that will no doubt result in a dance party of legendary proportions.

Chico Mann is the multi-faceted side project of Marcos Garcia, guitar player from Antibalas. Casio keyboards, turntables spinning afrobeat breaks, latin percussion and vocals combine to make up Chico Mann's dance floor pulsating presentation. What had started as Marcos Garcia's personal Casio Afrobeat experiment has blossomed into a genre-defying, life-affirming, sweaty, politicized dance party that is evolving at an exponential rate.

Planet Rump is what happens when three funky ass people get together with a casio keyboard. DJ Tantric, Miss Strawberry, and Nasty Ness have discovered extraterestrial life through the intergalactic language of funk. They use their intergalactic funkability to rock shows on the regular throughout the east coast. They've shared the stage with Chico Mann before and the results have been electric.

The Superpowers, formerly known as The Boston Afrobeat Society, are a powerfully tight afrobeat band out of Brooklyn. The rock at Zebulon on the regular and have been known to make dance floors shake. Their new album, Trance for Nation, just hit the streets featuring Claude and Rudy Gomis of Orchestra Baobab.

Dj Dhundee is a Brooklyn staple, doing his thing on the regular at Deity and a host of other venues throughout the city. As if this dance party needed anymore ammunition...

This will be a night to remember at Southpaw. Brooklyn may never be the same...

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