Monday, June 1, 2009

Album Review: Los Amigos Invisibles-Comercial

Comercial, Los Amigos Invisibles new album set to be released June 9, 2009 on, Nacional Records, is, as the name suggests, commercial yet still downright danceably funky. I challenge you to listen to the first three tracks of this album without dancing at some point. Already a radio hit across Latin America, the opening track, Mentiras, kicks you in the ass immediately. Los Amigos have a reputation for simply keeping it reliably funky, and they waste no time in pursuing that agenda on Comercial.

Make no mistake, the theme of the record is to be accessible. Comercial was a concept to which the band adhered when making the album. "The title of the album came out of a desire to make a more accessible record for even bigger crowds," commented Jose Luis Pardo, lead guitarist and primary songwriter. Los Amigos undertake a heavy touring schedule and have evolved as a band performing live. Their objective to make their music commercial is part of a larger mission to make people dance.

As if they needed any extra help in that end, they enlisted the help of several stars of the Latin-American music scene: Jorge Gonzalez (of Los Prisoneros), Natalia Lafourcade, Argenis Brito (Senor Coconut), and Los Tetas' C-Funk. If you've never heard of any of those people, or you love them all, you'll love this record. It's funky, it's simple, it will make you dance. If that's what you look for in your musical selection, Comercial will be available on Itunes and in record stores worldwide one week from today.

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