Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hurricane Season in Brooklyn

If you haven't heard of the Analog Players Society, it's about time you have.  Their new album, Hurricane Season in Brooklyn, out September 25, 2012 via Studio Brooklyn is a beautiful collection of songs that breathe life and humanity into some songs previously known as highly-produced radio hits.  

Analog Players Society is a project spearheaded by percussionist, engineer, and producer, Amon.  I first  came into contact with Amon at a party in Brooklyn in the summer of 2008 when he was playing congas accompanying Chris Annibell's dj set, a role he played at Turntables on the Hudson parties often.  It's that live, human presence that Amon brought to the party that shines through on his studio work.  Analog Players Society is about catering to the human aesthetic, to creating sound that can't be re-created with electronic sounds.  Celebrating that earthy, warm sound that only real live musicians are capable of creating is what Analog Players Society do best.  

For fans of APS who've been waiting for this album, you won't be disappointed.  Dig the title track below for a sample, then cop the rest at your earliest convenience.

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