Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome to Planet Rump

Have you ever wanted to travel through space in George Clinton's Mothership hijacked by Egyptian Lover? Well, now you have the chance. Electro-funk outfit Planet Rump released their long-awaited debut EP today online at PlanetRump.Bandcamp.com. Take a listen to embark on an interplanetary funky voyage.

Planet Rump is an unabashedly funky party waiting to unfold at any moment. DJ Tantric, Miss Strawberry, and Nasty Ness are three of the funkiest people I've ever met (and that's saying a lot). Their live shows have been known to get seriously out of hand, and they've managed to capture that electric energy in these five songs.

Their approach to production is unique in its appreciation of lo-fi simplicity. While most production outfits try to elevate their sound with technical complexity, Planet Rump throws it back, using the casio keyboard to convey their funky-retro attitude while sacrificing no modernity in their sound. Obvious parallels can be drawn to Electro-Freestyle master Chico Mann, who not coincidentally produced Play For Me.

Download this EP, so you can say you heard Planet Rump before they blew up, but only if you can handle it.

<a href="http://planetrump.bandcamp.com/album/welcome-to-planet-rump">Brand New Body Rock by Planet Rump</a>

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