Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Album Review: The Budos Band-The Budos Band EP

The Budos Band EP, out June 2009 on Daptone Records, represents the latest progression of the eleven piece afro-funk ensemble. From their start, Budos has always had a complex, layered, deep rhythmic sound, but with each album (this is their third) they’ve advanced to new levels of intricacy and depth.

If their first album was an introduction, a beginning of exploration to the concept, and their second a refinement or improvement, The EP is a continuation of that process. The grooves are more enchanting, more captivating and ornate. The principal strength of Budos has always been its power and strength generated by their ability to mend sharply contrasting sounds like the deep baritone sax and the sharp, piercing, trumpets all the while maintaining a steady groove with their unshakable rhythm section. That theme is continued upon and improved in this EP.

While Budos is often in between genres and classifications, they have always been and will continue to be universally funky. If you like the first two albums, you're going to really like this one.

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Unknown said...

i love this group... really good music. you can listen to a few of their recent tracks here if you like...