Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chico Mann and Superhuman Happiness @ Public Assemby-Feb. 10th

While it's been a great run, I'm peacing out of this crazy city to explore the world, but before I go, I'm throwin' one last jam with two of my favorite bands in the city, Chico Mann and Stuart Bogie's Superhuman Happiness. Both bands feature members of Antibalas, one of the baddest bunch of musicians on the planet known for making dance floors shake.

Chico Mann is probably my favorite band in the world. Put simply, it's electronic afrobeat utilizing the Casio Keyboard that will make you feel like you're either dancing in the 1980's or 2080's whichever way you run with it. Marcos Garcia, guitar player of Antibalas, takes it back to the old school while keeping it contemporarily funky. I'll let Turntable Lab tell you all you need to know: "…This is the future of music, in case you didn't know. [Chico Mann] has come from the future to show you how the past should have sounded. This time-traveling mastermind is basically the Jersey City Cuban James Brown of the Casio. You heard it here first…Welcome to the future past. Recommended."

Superhuman Happiness is the musical love of Stuart Bogie's life, tenor sax player of Antibalas and all-around awesome dude. Using layered horns and funky guitar and bass lines, Superhuman Happiness will make you shake your Superhuman ass happily.

While this won't be the last show in Brooklyn at which I shake my funky ass, it will be for a while. If you're reading this blog, you know I know what's up when it comes to music live and recorded. I can objectively say, this will be a show you should not miss. The quality of musicianship, the people who will be in attendance, and the pure fact that I won't be gracing any Brooklyn venues with my funky self for a basically have to show up.

Public Assembly-70 N. 6th St.-Brooklyn, NY-9pm

Chico Mann-Who You Runnin' From?

Superhuman Happiness

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