Saturday, November 15, 2008

Album Review: Curumin-Japanpopshow

Japanpopshow, the new album from Curumin out November 4th on Adrenaline Records, could be the best samba-funk album of the century. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brasil, Curumin embraces the many sounds to which he has been exposed to create an eclectic, consistently funky sound. Hip-hop, reggae, bossa nova, funk, and rock are all abundantly prominent throughout the album with certain songs featuring one sound more than another.

Curumin has been making music from a young age. He started his first band at 8 and was gigging regularly as a drummer in clubs across Sao Paulo at 14. At 16 he learned to play keyboards. Eventually he enrolled in music school and formed his first band, Zomba, which focused on Brasilian classic funk with dj accompaniment.

Chief Xcel of Blackalicious heard Curumin's last record, Achados e Perdidos, while touring in Brasil and brought him into Quannum Projects. Japanpopshow is the result. This album has one of most inventive, funky sounds of any I've heard this year. Curumin's playing at BAM December 4th; if you like funky, original music, check it out.

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oz said...

This is an amazing album. In the states it's being released on Quannum Records though!